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What is Cue2 Mobile Payment?

Cue2 Mobile Payment is a new program we are using that enables patients to make payments on their mobile phone without downloading an app or logging in to a website or portal. It is extremely secure, simple, safe and intuitive. No data or payment information is stored on your mobile phone.

How does it work?

  • After your visit with Cullman Internal Medicine or Chest Medicine of Cullman, you will receive a text message indicating a payment is due;
  • Select the link in the text message;
  • The link will open to a secure site and ask for payment method (credit card, HSA card, FSA card, etc.). This is done only the first time you use the program. No card information is stored on your phone;
  • Choose to make a payment and enter the amount to pay;
  • You will receive a notification of payment receipt for your records.

Thank you. We hope you find this an easy and convenient method of payment and enhances your experience.

Please note there is an “Opt Out” option if you are in any way uncomfortable with this system.



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