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Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. We have operators that answer our calls during this time. We do have a number for emergencies should our patients need assistance after business hours. Feel free to submit any questions through the form provided below. Please note, this form is NOT for medical advice or diagnostic Information. The very best effort will be made to return all calls the same day however in many instances there is a 24 hour turnaround for telephone messages. You can also request an appointment or refill, or send a message to your doctor through our Patient Portal.


Physicians and Nurse Practitioners

Dr. Michael Hall   
Dr. Benjamin Rogers
Bethany Lamar CRNP

Nicole Mangum CRNP

Bobi Jo Creel CRNP

Phone: 256-737-8000
Fax: 256-737-8061

Dr. Brian Parker
Dr. Nikki Ruse

Dr. Nicole Shaw

Niki Brooks CRNP

Pamela Williams CRNP

Phone: 256-737-8000
Fax: 256-737-8062
Dr. Jeremy Stidham
Dr. Jim Hoover
Nathan Ziegenbein CRNP
Stacey Varden CRNP
Marcia Tillman CRNP
Phone: 256-737-8000
Fax: 256-737-8060

Dr. Adam Harrison

Dr. Melinda Hart

Lisa Ellard CRNP

Stacey Gramling CRNP

Phone: 256-737-8000
Fax: 256-737-8059
Dr. Tony Ruse
Dr. Celia Fernandez
Allison Plaster CRNP

Phone: 256-737-8000
Fax: 256-737-8098
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Cullman Internal Medicine
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Phone: 256-737-8000
Fax: 256-737-8058
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